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Professional in Transition

I contacted Claire because I felt that I had lost my life path, my inner voice, my inner flame. I could not pinpoint the emptiness but I finally come to the realisation that something had to be done.

Claire helped me interpret my inner compass, hear my lost voice and reconnect with myself. I have become enchanted by Energy Leadership. I have never felt so connected to myself, and the world, even though my surroundings have not changed. Never would I have expected a few months ago that last year would be life changing.

The flexibility of the program ensured that I moved at my own speed and let me immerse myself even while travelling, which is something that is important to me. I would recommend Claire to anyone who is feeling lost or empty or who is quietly curious about the endless opportunities that life has to offer.
— Grace Edy
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We contacted Claire because AdVantage was going through a big change due to my business partner of 20+ years retiring. We needed to reinvent ourselves and create our own environment.

Claire helped us by breaking down each area into more manageable pieces. She helped us figure out what we wanted for ourselves and then subsequently how we could make that work together. Consequently the business made a profit at the end of the first year.

Claire helped me to learn about my own emotional energy levels which in turn helped me to better understand myself and others. The sessions were instrumental in propelling me forward faster than if I hadn’t had Claire to help with the transition. After our sessions I actually felt elevated. I could accomplish anything and just felt joy!
— Susan Tang-Peterson, President/Creative Director
The thing I really liked was Claire’s personality and her way of working with us. A fun, emotional, at times hard, enlightening journey that made us look at the depths of our fears and the height of our dreams.

She showed no judgement, is a grounded, fun, open, honest and extremely caring person. She obviously loves what she does and she is really, really good at it. Whether the session is held by phone or in person, all of that comes through. You feel as though you are spending an hour or two with a true friend who not only wishes the best for you but allows you to discover how you can get to your wish.

We changed from being “I think I…” people to “I AM!” warriors!

I would recommend Claire to people who want a life. At least one that you’d like to live.
— Sharon Azab-Jones, Communications Manager


Media House, Bermuda

Claire’s abilities to listen intently and learn quickly are among the best I’ve seen in my entire career. Even in the face of tremendous challenge, you would be very fortunate to attach her built-for-success nature to your business or organization.
— Glenn Jones, General Manager

Essential Human Capital, New York

I reached out to Claire because I have been dealing with the challenges of balancing my personal life with business.  I was familiar with the power of Energy Leadership Coaching, and wanted to be coached by someone who is expert, talented and passionate about coaching.  Claire supports and encourages me, while challenging my assumptions and inner blocks.  She uses her exceptional intelligence and intuition to see things differently and help me reveal new possibilities.

Working with Claire has given me greater clarity, deeper understanding of who I am and the confidence to trust my own skills, wisdom and intuition.  What I love about Claire’s approach is how she combines rigorous process with creativity and humor, discipline with intuition. She is a deep listener who is fearless in allowing her inner voice to express what she hears and doesn’t hear from me.  She has a gift and isn’t afraid to use it in her coaching.

I would recommend Claire to anyone who feels their life is going well, and believes it can be even better.  My coaching journey with her has been magical and productive, and has improved every aspect of my complicated life.
— Robert J. Friedland, Founding Partner


Alexandra Mosher Studio Jewellery, Bermuda

Working with Claire has changed the game. For years I struggled with deadlines, most of the time was being harassed for overdue articles and ads and didn’t get anything done until publishers were literally screaming at me. I missed opportunities because I couldn’t get it all done in time. This year we have turned every single article and ad in by the time it was due. We now have happy publishers and we are getting our money’s worth from the dollars spent on marketing.

What is most remarkable about Claire is, that besides all the work we get done, the way in which we get it done is just lovely. The way she makes me feel about everything from the essence of capturing important brand messages through to venting about HR issues and how all that feels and what to do about it - those things don’t come from just any “marketing consultant”. She reminds me to celebrate the good stuff, which I often forget to. She let’s me know it’s ok to feel what I’m feeling. She identifies when something is out of sync with my core beliefs when I can’t see it. She really cares about the work at hand, and me as a person, and what we’re up to out there - not just making jewellery, but making the world a little more beautiful, one special story, fairytale moment at a time.
— Alexandra Mosher, Designer & Owner

Specialist Business Development and Business Coach, UK

Having Claire James as my coach helped me hugely as I changed career and started my new business. While it is one thing to be excited by the new possibilities, inevitably there were huge questions and self-doubt about whether and how I could achieve it.

Claire is brilliant. She is like having a non-judgemental, thinking partner who was on my side. Claire is a great and intuitive listener. By asking me really insightful relevant questions at the right time and challenging when she needs to, she enables me to work through the issues and bring a clarity of thinking to all my planning and implementation. She helps me create awareness and insight which has led me to better decisions. And her Energy Leadership analysis enables me to understand my values and how I could deal with people better to get positive results for both parties.

I finish the sessions feeling excited about the way forward and being able to achieve my goals and she holds me accountable for doing them, which as a small business owner, I really appreciate.

I am very grateful that Claire continues to be my coach and I would recommend her without hesitation.
— David Cheek

Executive in Transition

I was referred to Claire with high praises and I would recommend her to people who want to go through a healing, soul searching experience that will swing their life into a more positive and happy place. I was in a transition and needed some direction and an outlet to be heard. Claire supported me by really listening to my soul and helping me find the right path.

I really liked her ability to really understand what I needed. I also liked that she went above and beyond what I expected. She really took extra time to ensure that I was getting all that I required.

The outcome was exponentially positive in that we developed some goals which I am already on my way to fulfilling. This allowed me to make a plan and take the necessary steps to improve my well being.

The experience was life changing. I am happier, healthier and more prosperous because Claire brought perspective and clarity to my life.
— Sharon Every

International Wildlife & Landscape Photographer

I am a photographer who is currently in the process of setting up a business. With such a huge amount to learn and attempt to succeed in, the past 6 months have been very challenging. I was feeling very frustrated and unsure of how to proceed. Within ten minutes of spending time with Claire I already began to feel more clear-headed and even optimistic. I have struggled with optimism throughout my life, so being asked to focus on what I liked about my website was initially challenging but turned out to be a great way to launch our session!

Claire is very calm and very positive. She constantly reminded me of my success and achievements so far, and not being one to capitalize on these (or even believe in them), this positivity has been crucial to my progression with my photography business. Her unwavering faith in me is something I will always hold on to. When I am with her I honestly feel talented and important and these are traits I rarely feel. Her calm, focused energy is always greatly appreciated. I can’t wait to work with her again.
— Jessica Riederer, Owner

Remodel Fitness, USA

As a creative person, I have often thought of myself as being at the mercy of my somewhat fickle “inspiration.” Working with Claire was like a weekly shot of inspiration that I could count on to drive me, with clarity and joy, into forward motion, growth, and action. I looked forward to my time with her each week, not just because it was so enjoyable, but also because I couldn’t wait to discover what new piece of the puzzle (the puzzle that is my life and business) was going to come into focus and get shot into overdrive.

Being an entrepreneur can be isolating and overwhelming at times, but Claire always had my back, and helped me distill things down to clearly examine what was really holding me back, and to break through it. Working with her felt like having an incredibly caring and enthusiastic teammate. We unstuck many places I was stuck, and through the process my life and work began to feel easier, lighter, and more fun. Thanks to Claire, I now approach all major decisions with the defining question: “Am I being my authentic self in this situation?
— Jessi Kneeland, Owner


Certified Professional Coach, USA

Claire is an awesome coach! I can’t begin to express the number of insights I gained during her debrief of my ELI assessment. If you want to find out what’s really holding you back from success, call Claire; She is an amazing listener and her compassion is unparalleled.
— Nigel Moya, Book Yourself Solid Coach


Professional Life Coach, Cabo Verde

Claire authentically believes in me. She is very inspiring and has an energy that makes you feel safe and comfortable. The coaching process that we went through together was a fundamental part of my journey to become an entrepreneur. Anyone who needs a powerful force by their side to walk through any transition process, I really recommend working with Claire.
— Nelida Barbosa, Owner Awake2Thrive