Meet Claire (CJ)

Giving liberates the soul of the giver
— Maya Angelou

Jaine-Biscoe Photography

The technical stuff

I discovered the International Coach Federation Accredited Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) when I was researching and looking for the next great adventure. To be honest, I happened to find it after hours of research during the dark days of my sudden loss of job due to company closure. Not only did I find in iPEC the source to partner with me through my transition to entrepreneurship, I also embarked on an intense and rewarding training process that opened the door to phenomenal people, tools and resources that prepared me not only to be certified but most importantly to be a strong and powerful resource for my clients. My specialty of transition coaching connects to my personal and professional life journey and the Core Energy Coaching™ Process is what defines me as an iPEC masterful coach.

Life is a perfect adventure, a game that cannot be won or lost, only played
— An iPEC Foundation Principle

My Perfect Adventure

Amanda Temple Photography

Amanda Temple Photography

Originally from the UK, I have lived, loved and learned through opportunities across five continents, with a huge variety of people and cultures across a number of industries. Art galleries in the UK and Sydney, dance and theater across Europe and on the high seas, tourism, animal behaviorism, marine education, advertising, design, events, writing and marketing to name just a few. All experiences came with buckets of pain and gain but ultimately, joy, embracing this brilliant life time of change, learning, creative expression and exploration. I am a daughter, sister, aunt, wife and now, stepmother to a pretty special young lady.

No place like home

Currently living in Bermuda with a local and international client base, I balance my coaching and consulting space with walking the railway trails, swimming and kayaking the turquoise waters of my stunning adopted home, co-parenting our teen and exploring the world and its epicurious delights with my husband. With family in the UK and Canada, home really is where my heart is and all feed my love of capturing beauty, connecting with people, photography, sketching, reading and of course, music and dance will always fill my heart and soul.

Jumping Man & Me

Welcome page: Jumping Man by David Dalla Venezia

Welcome page: Jumping Man by David Dalla Venezia

Family values

My mother fell in love with and brought home this illustration from a trip to Venice many years ago. I have always felt that it visually represents how my brilliant and eclectic blended family has played the game of life with determination, bravery and spirit. I continue to share our family values of integrity, authenticity and accountability, which are always at the forefront of every decision and choice. Subsequently I have been able to create and enjoy an extraordinary life. Perhaps one day I will be inspired to commit the many stories to paper, such as my unexpected and inspiring adventure on the Channel Tunnel to Paris with Mr Branson, but for now it is safe to say that I have been training for this vocation my whole life and it is probably time that I wrote to Richard to thank him for his part in it.

David Dalla Venezia's Jumping Man demonstrates to me the essence, determination and energy of the coaching journey. Together we assess the current situation, explore options, create a plan, develop a deep personal awareness, support and empower you toward powerful and consistent action to perform and achieve tangible and sustainable results.

Change takes courage. You don't have to do it alone.

Working with Claire has changed the game... What is most remarkable about Claire is, that besides all the work we get done, the way in which we get it done is just lovely
— Alexandra Mosher