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With connections, invitations, referrals and clients from across the globe, my coaching, consulting, workshops and group work are designed and delivered to a worldwide audience. People are initially surprised that 90% of the 1:1 coaching is powerfully conducted via phone, Skype and  My joy and mission is simply to support, inspire and help individuals, groups and businesses to discover their inner wisdom and unlimited potential, wherever they are. 


Imagine living and loving a life of your choosing - effortlessly and fearlessly.


If you believe that you have the freedom to choose, I invite you to jump into your next adventure. Join me in a journey where you will be empowered, inspired and motivated to elevate and enhance your own life and in turn, those around you.  The coaching process is a safe, intelligent, fascinating and non-judgmental space to explore, design, create, implement and attract the change you desire. 

Live your fearless life.

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State in the subject line your interest or request for more information and we will contact you within 48 hours to schedule your strategy or curiosity conversation, from anywhere in the world.

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I reached out to Claire because I have been dealing with the challenges of balancing my personal life with business.  I was familiar with the power of Energy Leadership Coaching, and wanted to be coached by someone who is expert, talented and passionate about coaching.  Claire supports and encourages me, while challenging my assumptions and inner blocks.  She uses her exceptional intelligence and intuition to see things differently and help me reveal new possibilities.

Working with Claire has given me greater clarity, deeper understanding of who I am and the confidence to trust my own skills, wisdom and intuition.  What I love about Claire’s approach is how she combines rigorous process with creativity and humor, discipline with intuition. She is a deep listener who is fearless in allowing her inner voice to express what she hears and doesn’t hear from me.  She has a gift and isn’t afraid to use it in her coaching.

I would recommend Claire to anyone who feels their life is going well, and believes it can be even better.  My coaching journey with her has been magical and productive, and has improved every aspect of my complicated life.
— Robert Friedland, Founding Partner, Essential Human Capital, NY