Triumph Through Transition

Claire James CPC ELI-MP

Claire James CPC ELI-MP

Work. Play. Thrive

Claire authentically believes in me. She is very inspiring and has an energy that makes you feel safe and comfortable. The coaching process that we went through together was a fundamental part of my journey to become an entrepreneur. Anyone who needs a powerful force by their side to walk through any transition process, I really recommend working with Claire
— Nelida Barbosa, Entrepreneur, Cabo Verde

There are many different stages of change and transition. Perhaps knowing what you want but not knowing where to start. Feeling excited yet confused; stress, disappointment; a million ideas but lacking clarity or focus. It can be overwhelming and come with a potent cocktail of feelings of fear, self-doubt and anxiety.

As a facilitator, not dictator I get to work in a way that speaks to the core of what I personally value. Coaching is an authentic, intuitive and trusted process where we create a safe, non- judgmental and inspiring space, to move the action forward. What I love about the coaching relationship is witnessing the insights, growth, success and ultimately joy that I hear when we move from pain, apathy or "good enough" to a place of fulfillment, freedom and fearlessness. 

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional

Sleepless nights

What is keeping you up at night? I knew in my heart it was my time to choose a path that was true to everything I hold dear. I knew what I didn't want. But I needed help to find an answer and develop a plan. On one of many sleepless nights I literally asked the universe "what am I supposed to do with my gifts, knowledge, passions and experiences?" 

Are you curious to learn more about the coaching process and how you, your team or business can benefit?

Why invest in a coach?

I did!  When I was given the heartbreaking news that my employer and our beloved community newspaper would be publishing its last paper the following week, my first thought was of the impact this would have on my family followed by the desire to reach out to all my clients to reassure them that we would help them through this change. After a period of acceptance and closure,  I suddenly nose-dived into crippling fear and self-doubt which left me inexplicably lethargic and completely unmotivated. The more the job offers came in and the more I heard the loving voices of my friends and family reassuring me that there were great things ahead of me, the more I wanted to climb into a hole and hibernate for an indefinite amount of time. 

We cannot direct the wind but we can adjust the sails

Hello Transition Coach

Fast forward to today. I now choose who I work with and how. I have a thriving international consulting and coaching practice where I specialize in leadership and supporting individuals, groups and businesses ready to make the change they desire. With the support of my loving family, friends and iPEC* coach community, I triumphed through my transition to truly be who I was always meant to be. Entrepreneur, business catalyst, agent of change, inspiring partner, leader, mentor, coach; whatever the label, the outcome is the same. I simply love what I do and whom I do it with.

Working with CJ

Limitless possibilities and opportunities

My gifts, knowledge, experience, qualifications and interests all connect me to my clients and their unique journey. 

How it Works

Career changers, baby boomers, millennials, changes in circumstances, project development, talent management, leadership development, legacy seekers, retirees or simply being tired of "good enough" and seeking life purpose. They all have the same desire and commitment to design and create their world.  We partner and invest in the bespoke program to:

  • Imagine the ultimate outcome
  • Consider the recommendations
  • Commit to the process
  • Design the personalised program
  • Inspire the action
  • Enjoy the journey
  • Mute the inner critic
  • Unblock limiting beliefs that hold you back
  • Release the fear & worry
  • Celebrate the milestones
  • Stretch, learn, explore, play & grow
  • Safely land in your chosen vision
  • Thrive
Meet CJ:  Jaine-Biscoe photography

Meet CJ:  Jaine-Biscoe photography

Core Energy Leadership

"Be at the cause, not the effect of your life"

As a Certified Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Master Practitioner I recommended our coaching partnership begins here.  This life-changing attitudinal assessment paired with the personalised report and debrief, quickly gets to the core of what is your phenomenal potential as an inspiring leader. Discover the key to your power and freedom through energy leadership of you, your teams, organisations, businesses or even projects, events and mission statements.  

Contact Claire to ask about group and 360 ELI opportunities.

Claire is an awesome coach! I can’t begin to express the number of insights I gained during her debrief of my ELI assessment. If you want to find out what’s really holding you back from success, call Claire; She is an amazing listener and her compassion is unparalleled.
— Nigel Moya

My Clients

I have had the privilege of working alongside passionate change seekers looking for a partner to powerfully support their successful transition journey.

  • Successful small business rapidly expanding.
  • Brave and passionate amateur photographer launching her professional business.
  • Young executive hungry to elevate their game and stride into leadership.
  • Visionary stepping out of a career and into a vocation
  • Soon to be retiree wanting to leave a legacy and relishing the thought of a positive retirement plan.
  • The sudden, shocking and frightening loss of a job to finding perspective and gaining invigorating clarity to successfully transition into a happier and more prosperous true calling.
  • Three generation family business launching their first ever marketing campaign.
  • The thrill and caution of cultural change and moving to a new place.
  • Aspiring entrepreneur with a vision but not knowing where to start.
  • Thriving business being undermined by missed deadlines flying by.
  • Creative professional feeling at the mercy of her self labeled "fickle" inspiration and seeking ways to break through what was holding her back.
  • Business working hard to lead and succeed but in a constant state of fighting to stay ahead, it was at the cost of their relationships, friendships and health.
  • Individual on the exhausting and unpredictable pendulum between success to self sabotage.
  • Student rigid with fear of making the wrong education decision that will affect the rest of her life.
  • A young family introducing a puppy into their busy world. We combined consistent training with animal behaviourism knowledge for the puppy paired with the coaching process for the family resulting in a happy, house-trained and thriving addition who continues to delight all those that visit!

Our Gift to You

Are you ready to jump in or at least dip a toe?

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*iPEC: The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching

Claire is a graduate of the most comprehensive ICF Accredited Coach Training Program in the industry. iPEC's multi-disciplinary approach, coach training and leadership development programs provides the knowledge, tools, strategies, and skills to create sustainable change for students, clients, and their teams. Paired with the Core Energy Coaching™ process and pioneering Energy Leadership™ framework, discovered and developed by iPEC Founder Bruce D SchneideriPEC graduates have the unparalleled ability to transform lives, businesses, and organizations – from the core.